U Mad?: U Can Stop Being Angry at God, Others, and Yourself Once and for All.

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God's Plan for Overcoming Anger

The world we live in can be an angry place, and if we are not careful, that same anger will overwhelm us. Anger is an issue that affects every race, gender, socioeconomic status, and faith. But there is a much better alternative. U Mad? is designed to show you God's way to overcome and conquer anger in your own life. Written from a place he once occupied, Dr. Bradley will show you how to trade the frustration and stress of life for peace and healing.

This book will help you discover:

  • The root of your anger,
  • How to harness your anger, and finally,
  • How to put it away once and for all.

"Dr. Dimitri Bradley has done it again! He is wise enough and bold enough to deal with the issues of life that may hold us back. His book, U Mad? is a must read for anyone who wants to go from recovery to discovery in their lives." --Tim Storey, Life Coach.

"Dr. Dimitri Bradley has written a spiritually insightful, yet practical book, to help you and I recognize, accept, and confront the emotion of anger and overcome it! Drawing from his own experience and personal reflection, he helps us--with humor and without condemnation--to move past denial and embarrassment and deal with the issue of anger authentically and boldly with the power of God's Word. I highly recommend it!" --Bishop Clarence E. McClendon, Ph.D., D.D. Pastor of "The Place of Grace" and founder of Clarence E. McClendon Ministries.

Dr. Dimitri Bradley is the lead pastor of City Church, formerly known as Mountain of Blessings Christian Center. He and his wife, Nicole, founded MOBCC to reach the lost, teach the Word of God, train disciples, and serve their community. Dr. Dimitri and Nicole live in the Richmond area with their two children, Jordan and Julius.